My name is Kortni Jackson, Marketing Strategist, and Graphic Designer.
As a strong marketing professional, I believe that everyone should not only be up-to-date on the latest viral trends but also be on the cusp of what is coming next. One of the things I love most about this career is that it is an ever-evolving industry.  We have to know what our clients need today while preparing them to thrive tomorrow. Incorporating these trends and helping business owners navigate these challenges is a huge responsibility.  But it is one that I find to be extremely fulfilling. 
Building a successful brand is achieved by incorporating multiple creative minds. I am interested in becoming a part of a team that encourages an environment of collaboration, innovation, and which helps me to continue to develop my skill set.  After reading about your company I believe that the culture you foster- inclusive, forward-thinking, creative, and ethical- is the type of environment where I could build a long-lasting career and that I could contribute much to.
I continually invest in my own learning and development.  I am familiar with numerous platforms and I strongly believe that my experience building successful social media campaigns, brand development skills, and graphic design background, will allow me to excel in this position.  I am very confident that once I learn your processes, and formulate a strong creative relationship with the design team, together we can build strong memorable brands for our clients.